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Loan Servicing Software News

More about this press release!Dynamic Interface Systems Corporation Receives Award...Receives Award...
Dynamic Interface Systems Corporation has been selected for the 2009 Los Angeles Award in the Loan Servicing Software category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA).

More about this press release!Check 21 Law: Electronic Check Clearing Software...Check 21 Law: Electronic Check Clearing Software...
ScanOnce is the only automated interface between a PC-based loan servicing system and the Federal Reserve System.

More about this press release!Credit Bureau Reporting Automated...Credit Bureau Reporting Automated...
Responsible for credit bureau reporting of consumer accounts? Been seeking a way to streamline the process? Make your search a reality with REPORTCARD.

More about this press release!New collection servicing for lenders...New collection servicing for lenders...
Introducing COLLECTOR, the module to be used in conjunction with LOANLEDGER to simplify and expedite loan collection services.

More about this press release!Loan portfolio errors may trigger law suitsLoan portfolio errors may trigger law suits
Why risk potential lawsuits or lost revenues because of an outdated loan servicing system or software that can't keep pace with changes in your environment?

More about this press release!If the economy sours...If the economy sours...
you're likely to experience accelerated delinquencies and charge offs.

More about this press release!DISC reaches "millionth conversion" milestone...DISC reaches "millionth conversion" milestone...
The world's largest provider of pc-based loan-servicing software has achieved another milestone, completing the millionth loan mark in electronic conversions successfully for its lending and loan servicing clients.

More about this press release!LOANLEDGER Saves Bank $17,000 in first day!LOANLEDGER Saves Bank $17,000 in first day!
How a large California bank recouped $17,000 on the first day of using DISC's PC-based software system to standardized its loan portfolio.

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