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Variable Rate Mortgage Loans Servicing

Servicing Flexible Rate Mortgages

Today there is no such thing as a "standard" mortgage. Maintaining your competitive position requires you to offer a variety of financing options that address individual needs. Your business tools need to be dynamic as well. That's why we created mortgage servicing software module FLEX-RATE.

Floating rate mortgages can vary daily; you need this sophisticated floating rate mortgage servicing software module to keep up. FLEX-RATE calculates interest from due date to due date and adjusts payments as necessary.

FLEX-RATE provides you with full-floating actuarial payments and late charge amounts when you need them, with the precision and sophistication that inspire confidence. We design our systems to be state-of-the-future to help you maintain control of the complex mortgage environment.

Software Features

Experience a free, personalized loan servicing software demonstration over the Internet.

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