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Debt Collection Servicing Software

On-line Collection and Recovery System

The economy just hit a slump. Management has realized that cashflow is plummeting. Collections previously relegated to the back burner suddenly becomes a critical priority.

Now just imagine you've been told to reduce the amount of your portfolio requiring 'careful attention' by 40%.

You're faced with three major tasks:

Making the decision: How to control and segment your portfolio, setting the right debt collection stategies, profiling the customer, and managing the decision

Debt collections: Managing the debt collection teams, managing the customers and collection efforts - dialing for dollars

Analysis: How did you do? Measure the department's performance, its effectiveness on collections. What new stategies are necessary, and what outcomes can be projected?

COLLECTOR helps you manage these key operational functions, automatically merging the debt collection process within your business.

COLLECTOR turns even marginal collection personnel into tigers, guiding their efforts and overseeing their results.

COLLECTOR maintains a constant vigil over your loan portfolio - in good times and bad - so you are never unexpectedly caught without adequate debt collection responses.

Working in partnership with LOANLEDGER in a 32-bit Windows environment, COLLECTOR provides your financial services unit with the needed tools to enhance debt collection productivity while giving you comprehensive monitoring capabilities, and insures perhaps even more than a 40% reduction in accounts needing that "REQUIRES CAREFUL ATTENTION" stamp.

Features of Debt Collection Module

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